Master in International Business differs from business by taking an in-depth look into the global economy for the purposes of finance, economics, marketing, and HR management and is closely related to Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Master of Management (MM). Several online MIB programs have been listed below for your use to get free information from schools about tuition and programs.

Southern New Hampshire University International MBA International MBA: Corp Social Responsibility International MBA: Quantitative Analysis MBA w/ Cert in International Business Southern New Hampshire University - The MBA in International Management from Southern new Hampshire University focuses on the international, cross border challenges faced by the global manager. The school recommends that students contact a professor in the department for better insight into the program. The concentration provides the student with key topics, theories, and applications in business.
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Boston University MS in International Marketing Boston University - The MS in International Marketing from Boston University offers you an exciting, value-added educational journey. The curriculum features a marketing core, along with options for online international collaboration with other university students and professionals in Europe, South America, and Asia. Students must complete six core courses and four electives.
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Walden University MBA in International Business MS in Global Mgmt MPP in International NGOs Walden University - For those students interested in private and non-profit business management, Walden University offers an MBA in International Business, MS in Global Management, and MPP in International NGOs. These programs focus on the role of global organizations in the formation of economic activity and non-profit work. Courses include Marketing and Leading People.
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Liberty University MBA in International Business Liberty University - The MBA in International Business at Liberty University features a curriculum that is concerned with business beyond borders. Courses include global financial and developing markets and best practices in international business. Assignments are often team oriented, giving you early practice in team building. Ethics is a driving component throughout.
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American InterContinental University MBA in International Business MBA in International Business (Part-Time) American InterContinental University - The MBA in International Business at American InterContinental University recognizes that today's international business community is complex and diverse, and future leaders will require a special tool kit provided by an international business program. The program, which is also offered part time, takes students and transforms them into culturally sensitive global managers.
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Ashford University MBA in Global Mgmt MA in Global Mgmt Ashford University - The MBA in Global Management from Ashford University is a specialized program within the standard MBA program. Courses stress business and management topics across national and cultural boundaries. The MA in Global Management is designed to expose you to leadership strategies and insight into managing across the cultural spectrum.
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Kaplan University MBA in Intl. Business Kaplan University - Kaplan University's MBA in International Business program takes an in-depth look at the global economy with an emphasis on finance, management, and international marketing, while considering demographics and cultures in decisions. Students learn to work with diversity and understand and empathize with other social norms and values.
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South University MBA in International Business South University - The MBA in International Business from South University prepares graduates to become business leaders on the world stage. Designed for working professionals, the program explores effective planning, process, and production strategies. Students have the opportunity to develop the skills needed to work within cross-functional teams
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Northcentral University MBA in International Business Northcentral University - The MBA in International Business at Northcentral University features a curriculum with courses in business, cultural, and legal elements present in global organizations. Students explore specific countries and their fiscal health, study international trade, and collaborate with their diverse student cohort. A final project is required before graduation.
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What does a Master of International Business program entail?

A Master of International Business is a postgraduate degree that prepares a person for a business career in the global marketplace. Students can expect classes on a diverse range of topics including management, economics, finance, law, and business strategies, all with an international focus. Certain programs may offer the opportunity for students to specialize in a niche of international business and gain practical experience in that area. Group projects and a dissertation are also common features in these programs. The Master of International Business degree is typically considered a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with an emphasis in international business.

What are the requirements for admission to a Master of International Business program?

As with the majority of postgraduate programs, anyone looking to apply for a Master of International Business program needs a bachelor’s degree or equivalent. Students will have a better chance of being admitted to programs if this degree is in a related area such as business administration, marketing, economics, or finance. Generally, results from one or more standardized tests such as the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) or the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) are required. In addition, graduate applications usually ask for one or more letters of recommendation, a resume, college transcripts, and a statement of purpose, along with the application form and fee.

Most Master of International Business programs take two academic years to complete for a full-time student. They are usually based on the MBA program, which contains 16 to 18 subjects. However, some schools may offer additional options for accelerated or part-time programs for students who want to complete their degree in less or more time. Programs may also take longer to complete depending on the requirements for real-world experience and a dissertation, which might be completed after coursework is finished.

What kind of scholarships and financial aid are available?

Most colleges and universities have a wide range of financial aid options for students. Depending on the school, a number of scholarships and grants based on needs or merit are available for all postgraduate students or for those specifically in an International Business program who meet aid requirements. There may also be fellowships available for students interested in pursuing an academic career through research or teaching undergraduate classes. In addition, several federal and private loans exist for students who need help funding their education, but these must be paid back after the degree has been earned. Some colleges and universities also offer work-study programs, which provide students with part-time employment to help pay for their education.

The best place to start looking for financial aid is on the financial aid pages of the colleges and universities you apply for, as they might have institution-specific forms of aid. In addition, here are some other resources where you can look for financial aid:

  • Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) – Many institutions require their students to fill out this form, which determines a student’s need for federal aid such as grants and scholarships.
  • FinAid! – This website allows you to search for all type of financial aid for free and includes helpful information about loans, savings, and applying for financial aid.
  • FastWeb – This is another free scholarship search site that also features sweepstakes and promotions to get money for college.

What are some popular career options for someone with a Master of International Business?

Students pursuing a graduate degree such as a Master of International Business should generally have a career goal in mind. Here are some possible career choices in international business:

  • Administrators are in charge of managing day-to-day business operations. They make important decisions for their branch of a corporation, coordinate and direct employees with different responsibilities, and are in charge of short-range and long-range planning. They report to a corporate board of directors.
  • Management Consultants work with corporations to improve the way they manage their employees. They may be employed internally or provide temporary consulting through an external agency.
  • Strategy Consultants work with a corporation’s senior management teams in order to develop and improve their organizational strategies.
  • Financial Advisors provide financial advice to corporations. They help them make decisions about investments and financial transactions such as mergers and sourcing.
  • Foreign Market Analysts evaluate new markets on the international level in order to find possible targets for a corporation’s business.

The Advantages of Getting a Master of International Business Degree Online

Students who attended a brick-and-mortar institution for their undergraduate degree may be skeptical about earning a master’s degree online. However, earning a degree like a Master of International Business online can be a great alternative for many.

  1. Flexible Schedule – One of the benefits of earning a Master of International Business degree online is the flexibility you have to continue your current lifestyle. If you have a full-time job, you can take online classes in the evenings or on the weekends so that they don’t conflict with your schedule. If you have young children, you can stay at home with them and take your classes at the same time. Many online colleges offer part-time or accelerated program options to fit how you would like to earn your degree. You also won’t waste time commuting to and from classes. Best of all, many online courses give you the flexibility of choosing when to take your tests, in case you have a conflict or need a little more time to study.
  2. Financial Savings – Earning your Master of International Business degree online will also save you a considerable amount of money. In general, online programs are less expensive than traditional programs at colleges and universities. With an online program, you won’t have to pay to live in campus housing or use campus facilities. Some online programs also use digital textbooks and course materials, which will save you more money. Most importantly, online degree programs offer many of the same financial aid options such as scholarships, grants, and loans that would be available to on-campus students.
  3. Quality Education – One of the commonly held myths about online degree programs is that they are not as good as traditional, campus based colleges. This is not the case. When you earn your Master of International Business degree online, you will have access to some of the best international business professors from across the country. As long as the online college you choose is accredited, you can be certain of earning a quality degree. For a degree such as a Master of International Business with a practicum requirement, students can often find placements approved by the online institution in their local area.
  4. Interaction – Another common myth about online degree programs is that students don’t get to have much interaction with other students or professors. However, thanks to advances in technology, students can interact through emails, and discussion forums to enhance their learning experience. Professors facilitate these discussions, and are usually available through email or phone as well. Some online programs also pair students with a personal advisor who can answer their questions and guide them through their online college experience.
  5. Career Advancement – One of the best advantages of earning a Master of International Business degree online is the opportunity it creates for career advancement. As the world of business and finance continues to act on a more global level, those with advanced degrees in international business will be more sought after. And while many people have to take time off from work in order to complete an advanced degree, earning a degree online allows you to keep your job and take classes on your own schedule.

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