Average Salary With a Masters in International Business

International business is a fast-paced field where you can work in any number of careers, from management to finance. This can also be an extremely lucrative career, and though you might have to do a lot of travel and work odd hours, earning a master’s degree in international business is a great choice if you want to earn a high salary in the business world. How much you can expect to earn depends on a number of factors.

Average Salary by Position

The type of position you take plays a huge role in what you’ll earn with a master’s in international business. Some of the most common positions available in this field, along with their average salaries, are as follows:

  • Employment Recruiter: $59,474
  • Sales Manager: $64,70
  • Finance Controller: $87,110
  • IT Project Manager: $89,125
  • Marketing Manager: $89,692
  • Product Manager: $90,562
  • Business Development Director: $116,568

Of course, these aren’t the only career paths you can take – and with an education in international business, you can even start your own international business. This allows your potential salary to be unlimited – some business owners make millions of dollars every year! Owning your own business, especially internationally, is undoubtedly a lot of work and a big risk, but the payoff could be huge financial success, on top of being able to work for yourself and build a business you love.

Salary by Location

If you work in international business, your job options aren’t limited by borders and choosing your location wisely could mean huge savings in terms of taxes, housing and food expenses, and more. Most American international business workers have a home base in the United States, typically in a large city like New York or Chicago, but this isn’t always the case. Do your research to find the location that is best for you, based on the type of business you want to run or the type of work you want to do. Keep in mind that you’ll typically get a benefits package as well, which could include things such as free travel, health and dental care, a retirement package, stock options, and more – and all of these things could be taken into consideration when you’re comparing jobs in the international business world.

Master's Degrees in International Business

Southern New Hampshire University International MBA International MBA: Corp Social Responsibility International MBA: Quantitative Analysis MBA w/ Cert in International Business Southern New Hampshire University - The MBA in International Management from Southern new Hampshire University focuses on the international, cross border challenges faced by the global manager. The school recommends that students contact a professor in the department for better insight into the program. The concentration provides the student with key topics, theories, and applications in business.
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Boston University MS in International Marketing Boston University - The MS in International Marketing from Boston University offers you an exciting, value-added educational journey. The curriculum features a marketing core, along with options for online international collaboration with other university students and professionals in Europe, South America, and Asia. Students must complete six core courses and four electives.
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Walden University MBA in International Business MS in Global Mgmt MPP in International NGOs Walden University - For those students interested in private and non-profit business management, Walden University offers an MBA in International Business, MS in Global Management, and MPP in International NGOs. These programs focus on the role of global organizations in the formation of economic activity and non-profit work. Courses include Marketing and Leading People.
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Liberty University MBA in International Business Liberty University - The MBA in International Business at Liberty University features a curriculum that is concerned with business beyond borders. Courses include global financial and developing markets and best practices in international business. Assignments are often team oriented, giving you early practice in team building. Ethics is a driving component throughout.
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American InterContinental University MBA in International Business MBA in International Business (Part-Time) American InterContinental University - The MBA in International Business at American InterContinental University recognizes that today's international business community is complex and diverse, and future leaders will require a special tool kit provided by an international business program. The program, which is also offered part time, takes students and transforms them into culturally sensitive global managers.
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Ashford University MBA in Global Mgmt MA in Global Mgmt Ashford University - The MBA in Global Management from Ashford University is a specialized program within the standard MBA program. Courses stress business and management topics across national and cultural boundaries. The MA in Global Management is designed to expose you to leadership strategies and insight into managing across the cultural spectrum.
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Kaplan University MBA in Intl. Business Kaplan University - Kaplan University's MBA in International Business program takes an in-depth look at the global economy with an emphasis on finance, management, and international marketing, while considering demographics and cultures in decisions. Students learn to work with diversity and understand and empathize with other social norms and values.
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South University MBA in International Business South University - The MBA in International Business from South University prepares graduates to become business leaders on the world stage. Designed for working professionals, the program explores effective planning, process, and production strategies. Students have the opportunity to develop the skills needed to work within cross-functional teams
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Northcentral University MBA in International Business Northcentral University - The MBA in International Business at Northcentral University features a curriculum with courses in business, cultural, and legal elements present in global organizations. Students explore specific countries and their fiscal health, study international trade, and collaborate with their diverse student cohort. A final project is required before graduation.
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