One Word at a Time: Top 15 Spanish Blogs

10 Apr, 2011  |  Written by  |  under Uncategorized

Learning a new language is a heck of a lot easier with the Internet. If you’ve had a beginner course in speaking Spanish, visiting Spanish blogs can be a way to brush up your verbal and reading and writing skills. Here’s a roundup of some of the best blogs for learning Spanish, as well as exploring modern American culture with Latin flavor.

  1. Teaching Learning Spanish
    This blogger learned Spanish in college and then went on to teach Spanish to pre-school kids. Now it’s on to elementary kids, but the blog itself serves as an intro to speaking Spanish and leads readers to countless free resources for learning more.
  2. SpanglishBaby
    This site is all about teaching kids to grow up speaking English and Spanish. It can be a struggle, but remember that it’s far easier for kids to pick up a new language than to try to learn it as an adult.
  3. Learn Spanish Blog
    This Spanish blog exposes you to the language and the culture. The blogger regularly posts videos, articles and lessons. If you aren’t enrolled in a Spanish class, this blog is the next best thing.
  4. Verbs in Spanish
    This blog is all about verbs, which can be tricky in Spanish. Learn how to conjugate verbs and check out the exercises that will put your Spanish speaking skills to work, giving you confidence when you travel South of the border.
  5. How to Learn Spanish for Beginners
    This Spanish blog is a great resource because it teaches you words and phrases you’ll actually use. Whether you’re trying to create the perfect love letter or write a birthday card, this blog offers a helping hand when it comes to learning the basics of Spanish.
  6. Profespangol
    This blog is for those who are more advanced Spanish speakers with video footage of clever songs that will show you the correct tense to use and how to conjugate nouns.
  7. More Spanish
    This Spanish blog is penned by a teacher for other teachers, but those with Spanish speaking experience will find it just as helpful. The instructor offers smart ideas for the classroom such as practicing vocabulary with Flickr.
  8. Speak Spanish Everyday
    This site has tips for educators and the everyday Joe learning Spanish. It updates with vocabulary words for each holiday and season, so you’re picking up relevant words that will matter for a conversation.
  9. Wanna Jugar With Migo?
    This Spanish blog focuses on incorporating Spanish speaking and Spanish speaking exercises into every day life for kids. This allows them to pick up the language gradually, learning words for every day items as they grow.
  10. Mommy Maestra
    This mommy blogger also homeschools her kids, incorporating Spanish lessons and activities. This is a must-read for anyone who homeschools their children and want to learn how to teach Spanish as the kids master English too.
  11. Spanish Podcast
    A Spanish podcast comes in handy when you don’t have anyone to speak Spanish with. This site has tons of free podcasts to listen and practice your Spanish speaking skills.
  12. Learn Spanish Rapidly
    Whatever you need to learn about Spanish, you can probably learn from this site. Beginners, those teaching kids and those looking to learn Spanish before a trip will benefit from visiting this Spanish blog. It has tips for learning Spanish from Mexican soap operas and how to make the most of your flash cards.
  13. Lang 8
    Think of this as a social networking site for those expanding their languages. The point of this site is to chat and make international friends while practicing your written language skills. You should be at an intermediate level of speaking Spanish or higher.
  14. About Spanish
    This About site is fantastic for those who have a decent amount of experience writing and speaking Spanish. It shows you how to have a conversation in Spanish, how to improve your writing skills and offers a crash course in words you should know when traveling.
  15. Teach Yourself Spanish
    This site is a great stop for those who want to pick up conversational Spanish speaking skills or how to immerse their kids in the language. This blog focuses on the basics of Spanish and will help those with some background in Spanish take their skills to the next level.

These blogs can serve as supplementary help when taking a Spanish class. If you just want to pick a up a new language at a slow pace, you can also use these sites for learning conversational Spanish that will come in handy when traveling. Can you become bilingual with free resources from the Internet? Definitely, just be patient and stay consistent with your studies.